News Update – Hemp Cigars Wholesale a Hit

Hemp Cigars Still #1 in Our Book

Our Team here and Buy Hemp Cigars direct were currently at some events in Colorado. One is a popular one called IndoExpo and one at the stock show. There are some amazing products coming out on the market however we still enjoy one more than all the others and that’s the Acme Hemp Labs hemp cigars.

If you’ve not seen them yet I suggest going over to their website and see what we mean. We are currently selling them through our website because we believe in these smokes like CRAZY. Crazy enough once they started their affiliate program we jumped on the bandwagon by purchasing this website.

Purchase a Hemp Cigar Today

We firmly still agree everyone in the crew here and Buy Hemp Cigars that it’s in the best interest of all of us to continue to push the best despite some other cheaper garbage versions have shown up. WHICH in fact are not even real hemp cigars they are weird palm leaf hemp flower things. Stay way from those. Just, just don’t.

Stop Wasting Our Time – Smoke Hemp!

We’re looking for to speaking with you shortly and again if you’ve not yet really tried anything like a hemp cigar you are missing out, go to the main page here and click some links and find out how awesome these things are, also you could follow them on Facebook if you’re into that whole social media thing… We are not, we hate social media and I dislike this website, but I love the hemp cigars so get off this page and go do something productive like smoking a hemp cigar.

Get outta here,

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