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how to order hemp cigars legallyWelcome to Buy Hemp Cigars Online

We are here to expose you to the most desired smoking experience in the world. Our goal is to help the world understand that new paradigm in smoking is here and it’s through 100% hemp cigars. Rolled and wrapped with hemp leaf and loaded with high CBD hemp flower that reaching to 23%+ CBD levels making them a unique and relaxing smoke available across the United States of America. All our hemp cigars are legal to order online and we encourage you to at least try one before going on a rant about how you don’t know anyone that smokes “hemp”.

The hemp you’re thinking of is your grandparents hemp, the herb available today is completely different than livestock bedding and rope making. These plants have been genetically created to lift your spirits with CBD levels higher than we’ve ever seen in the past for simple hemp products.

To order hemp cigars check below and learn more about where and how to go about ordering hemp cigars online.

largest hemp cigar to order online
Large Hemp Cigars

order a medium sized hemp cigar on the internet
Medium Hemp Cigars

order small hemp cigars online
Small Hemp Cigars

Our selection/suggestions can change at any time. At the moment we are working with these three types (sizes) of hemp cigars and from there you can click the largest on the left to the smallest on the right. All hemp cigars are .3% THC or lower and can be ordered online without worry of getting in trouble with law enforcement. Hemp cigars are protected under the farm bill act of 2018 so rest assure all the brands we suggest will be of legal status and be allowed to be ordered online.

Disclosure: We are an affiliate marketing team help to provide you information about the very best products on the market. The links and products we suggest may or may not be what is called an affiliate link. Which means we could be paid for passing a referral to said product. With that said though we have high standards and only select the best hemp cigars on the market that we’ve clearly reviewed. We also use our percentage to continually review and educate people about hemp and CBD so that the world eventually will open up to legalizing worldwide.

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